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“You feel like they are a partner rather than a supplier.”

Daniel Fisher, Founder, Cambiel

About the Company

Cambiel is a leading provider of integrated benefits and value-led management services. Typically, Cambiel consultants work alongside those who initiate and lead large-scale projects to ensure that ongoing work streams are delivering the sort of benefits that led to the original commissioning of the project. They do this by helping leaders of change to make benefit-led decisions based on reliable benefit information and embedding globally-recognised best practice benefit realisation tools (including benefit mapping) within an organisation. The company provides a range of affordable ‘fast-start’ solutions, based on industry best practice, to help clients address the ‘more for less’ challenge pragmatically and with a relentless focus on value.

The Challenge

Cambiel is routinely involved in many complex projects at any one time. For each of these, they need to track all sorts of information; not only do they need to keep track of the client’s project details but they also need to track their own work on the project. Most of the projects that Cambiel are involved require detailed planning and careful management. This means that Cambiel staff have a need to construct budgets and finances, set out project tasks, manage team members, control project risks and deliverables as well as store important documentation. In addition, due to this natural variety and complexity of project work that Cambiel are involved in, the company routinely supplements its core full-time team with associates. This wider group of people bring specialist knowledge of a particular subject and may work for a few hours, days or weeks on a given project. Cambiel are accountable to their clients for this sort of work and therefore need to have clear and consistent billing processes for the various work that has been carried out. Finally, Cambiel staff often find themselves in a variety of locations; sometimes staff are based in their own office but they are also routinely on various client sites, on the move or even working from home. This means that any management system has to be flexible enough to allow people to access it from any place and using a variety of devices.

The Journey

Cambiel visited a software exhibition and quickly realised that most of the software being shown was inappropriate for their needs. Cambiel Managing Director, Daniel Fisher remembers that most of the software tools that they saw were focussed on a single aspect of a business, such as project management, and were horrendously over-priced. “We felt that most of the software focussed on all of the wrong things for us” says Daniel “we saw a hundred super-detailed task planning suites, programme integration systems and other project tools that we thought were of little practical use to us without proper integration with other tools in areas like accounting and customer management”. This explains Daniels relief when he saw web-based Enterprise 360. “We need software that reflects what we actually do as a business and we could instantly see that Enterprise 360 stood out in that regard. The project management functions at just the right level of detail but you also have seamlessly integrated modules for CRM, invoicing and document management”. Cambiel contacted GreyRidge soon after the exhibition and started using the system a few months later.

The Results

Daniel found that setting-up and using Enterprise 360 to be very simple. He was particularly pleased that, as a web-based system, there were no infrastructure costs associated with set-up and that he didn’t have to worry about hardware, installation or maintenance. “With a consultancy like Cambiel, it doesn’t make sense to maintain a significant infrastructure since we need our people to be focussed on delivering our expertise rather than worrying about IT. In particular, we didn’t want several different systems and a whole bunch of resultant integration headaches”. The company were delighted that the system was so simple to use. Intuitive web-based screens and a logical structure mean that all a user has to do is open a browser and log-in. This also helped keep costs down to a minimum. Daniel says “We couldn’t afford to have a system that required staff training since our use of associates would have made that next to impossible“. Cambiel therefore opted to have a single training day for core Cambiel staff and are happy that this is more than adequate. Finally, Cambiel are enthusiastic about the product support they have received as part of their ongoing relationship with GreyRidge. “The best thing about GreyRidge is that they are very approachable. All of the support staff know their stuff and are very quick to answer queries or resolve any problems. You feel like they are a partner rather than a supplier.”