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“We are very confident that we now have a robust system for the future.”

Emma Barbary, Finance Director, Lytag

About the Company

Lytag has been supplying Lytag® LWA for over 40 years and has sold in excess of 16 million tonnes of material. Manufactured within the European Union in accordance with EN 13055, the standard for lightweight aggregates, Lytag® LWA is widely available within the UK & Europe. The company supplies to all parts of the globe. Due to its particular and varied attributes, Lytag® LWA is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. These include:

  • Land drainage > Geofill®
  • Lightweight floor & roof screed > SUDS
  • Structural lightweight concrete > Green Roofs
  • Precast lightweight concrete > Other Applications

The Challenge

Lytag were using an existing piece of software which helped them to manage the distribution of their products via their network of depots and hauliers. This existing system was written in 2006 by a company who no longer were in operation. Support was still provided by one of the writing team however the growth of the business and the reliance on the software required a dedicated support team for such a business critical system. The basic challenge was therefore to replace the existing system but in doing so Lytag were naturally also keen to look for any potential improvments to their system.

The Journey

After initial contact, Lytag came to visit GreyRidge where they explained the challenges they had with their existing system supplier and the features of the current system that they wished to replace and the sort of general approach they wished to take. In turn, GreyRidge demonstrated one of their products in order to show the sort of look and feel that could be obtained as well as the way in which functionality would be implemented. GreyRidge then visited Lytag where head office staff showed the development team the current system, explaining what it did and what enhancements they would like. A specification was then produced by GreyRidge at this point; this was changed and improved over time and resulted in a core set of requirements and a list of additional things that Lytag would like to see in the completed system. Lytag decided to go ahead and signed a contract for the work with GreyRidge in April 2013.

The Implementation

The development began within a few weeks of signing the contract. A first priority was to get the all-important “quote engine” for Lytag to test. This is the part of the system that allows Lytag to create and distribute accurate customer quotations. All GreyRidge developments are focussed on ensuring that the system is fit for purpose and so it was crucial to get this element in place as soon as possible. For Lytag, getting the quote engine up and running meant that an awful lot of the rest of the system needed to be in place first. As a result, a lot of work was done behind the scenes before the quoting engine could be tested. However, with the quote engine in place, thorough testing started and the system started to progress steadily. Naturally some of the Lytag business processes became clearer during development and GreyRidge were happy to be able to incorporate these into the development. Development continued during the summer so that the functionality was largely ready by the end of August 2013. Before going live, Lytag also asked GreyRidge to migrate data from their existing system and then prepared for a careful crossover between the old and new systems. Finance Director for Lytag Emma Barbary comments “The system has been really well conceived and developed and we are delighted with the way that GreyRidge handled our requirements throughout the project and that the system go-live was so smooth.”

The Results

The new software went live with head office staff in September 2013 and Lytag have found few issues with their new system. Emma says “Our team were able to thoroughly test the functionality and as a result we had a relatively easy transfer to the new system. We are also very confident that we now have a robust system for the future.”