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“It’s great when something you invested time, effort and money in just works exactly as you expect”.

Simon Albert, Operations Director, The PC Support Group

About the Company

The PC Support Group is an award winning company that provides high quality IT Support to businesses and home users throughout the UK. The business started in early 2006 with the goal of providing “corporate quality” IT support without the associated high costs. Today it has a number independently owned and managed franchises throughout the UK and serves over 1500 customers from diverse sectors including Health, Leisure, Finance, Insurance and Marketing to name a few. The PC Support Group has achieved this success through their unique structure which combines advanced support technology with local, friendly, professional delivery to provide a flexible, high quality service… at an affordable price.

The Challenge

In late 2006, coinciding with its decision to offer its services through a franchise network, The PC Support Group recognised that it would need a dedicated management information system to help support its new operations. The directors immediately set about looking for such a system but realized that they were looking for something quite unique. Naturally, it would need to include lots of functionality for things such as customer management, contract management, call & incident handling, sales lead workflow, complex invoicing for contracts and incidents and more besides. Perhaps most importantly, it also needed to support their new franchise structure. This clearly meant that offices in diverse parts of the country needed to work on their own data while the Head Office needed to view data and reports for these franchises as a group and individually.

The Journey

After an extensive search and selection process, The PC Support Group decided to use Franchise 360 from GreyRidge. As someone already familiar with the IT Service sector, Phil Bird, The PC Support Group Managing Director was particularly impressed with the all-round quality of the service being proposed; the fact that the service would be delivered using dedicated managed hosting from Rackspace and with phone and email support as standard. The PC Support Group were also satisfied that the intuitive nature of the system interface meant that it would be easy to pick up and use for its diverse and growing band of franchisees. GreyRidge’s flexible approach to developing the system to meet The PC Support Group’s specific needs was also a key factor in their decision to choose Franchise 360. In the words of Phil“We chose Franchise 360 because it ticked all of the many boxes that we had on our shopping list and GreyRidge were willing and able to customise any additional specific requirements”. Since we started using the system we have had additional requirements and we have been delighted by the customer service and responsiveness of GreyRidge in meeting these needs”.

The Implementation

The system was designed and implemented with minimal fuss and took just a few weeks to deliver the initial system. A plain English specification was produced but when The PC Support Group needed GreyRidge to be flexible, they found that the developers were particularly understanding. Operations Director of The PC Support Group Simon Albert says “We found that GreyRidge were true to their website promise; they seemed determined to ensure that we got the system we needed and which would provide maximum business benefit to us. I really felt like we were a team.” Once the system was complete, with no hardware or software to install, franchisees were able to pick up and use the new system within hours.

Ongoing Results

It is now 5 years since The PC Support Group chose Franchise 360 and they have grown into a much larger operation and are now a truly national business. The system has grown along with The PC Support Group and is now an improved and extended version of the original. Simon Albert is pleased to report “It’s great when something you invested time, effort and money in just works exactly as you expect; Franchise 360 has become one of those happy experiences. For example, if we ask for new features, GreyRidge are easy to deal with and reply promptly with advice, ideas and timescales that they stick to”. Phil Bird agrees “Over the time we have worked with GreyRidge, we have been impressed enough with Franchise 360 that we happily recommend them to our own customers when they need advice or help with software. The support is good, the people are pleasant and we have a great system. As people working in the IT sector, we know that software companies are not all alike and are particularly pleased to find that we made the right choice.”