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We have been authoring business-to-business online software for our clients and partners since 2005. Through our partners and through direct software service our technology drives hundreds of businesses around the world.


We are the authors of MyActiv and ISO Activ, online software for companies seeking to maintain various ISO standards compliance and certification. MyActiv is sold by our ISO partners, BAB and Equas Smartpro.

Activ Website

Franchise 360

We are the authors of Franchise 360, leading franchise software systems, primarily used in the UK and EU. Franchise 360 is used by franchise networks of all different kinds, shapes and sizes.

Franchise 360

The Franchising Centre

We are also the authors of the Franchise 360 sister product, FranPulse. This product is sold by our partners and the leading franchise consultancy in the UK, The Franchising Centre.

The Franchising Centre Website


Throughout nearly 20 years in software design, as well as authoring our own products, Greyridge has acted as software author in commercial ventures with partners who do not have their own in-house software team.

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