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Our founders

Greyridge was founded in 2005 by Tom and Tony. They met at university and share a common vision of software development which boils down to keeping things as simple as possible. We combine the best technology with the best development talent we can find and we insist on plain-speaking between staff, partners and clients.

Tom Hill
Tom Hill has been technical director at Greyridge from the beginning. He is responsible for the design of GRAD, our original Oracle-based software framework and is currently overseeing the development of GROK our latest framework. He has a background in database-tuning and graduated from Newcastle University with a double first. Tom is 45 and is something of an expert at light-painting.
Tony Johnston
Tony Johnston is product director at Greyridge but has previously been managing director. With a prior background in academic publishing he has spent the over 20 years in IT and he is a graduate of Leicester and Newcastle universities. He currently lives in his woodlands in the South of France. Tony is 54 and loves to run and walk.